Building a Bridge to Grade-Level Math in MS & HS

Building a Bridge to Grade-Level Math in MS & HS

Presenter: Chrissy Allison

Date: January 11, 2022

As secondary math teachers know, a history of struggle in math class starts to snowball as students move from K-5 to middle school, and then into high school. A lack of prerequisite skills makes it difficult for students to engage in grade-level learning, and over time many students come to believe they aren’t “good at math” — and that they will *never* be. In this session, participants will learn a proven, 5-part process educators can use to teach rigorous content while “bridging the gap,” both in terms of students’ confidence and understanding the mathematics itself.

Recommended Grade Level: 6 – 12

Hosted by: Rana Arshed Hafiz

Watch the full presentation at:

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