Using Delta Math for Distance Learning – 9/15/20

Presenter: Zach Korzyk

Date: September 15, 2020

DeltaMath has long been a free tool used to give automatic and detailed feedback to students for math practice on over 1400 different math problem types. Given the current health crisis, this immediate feedback is more important than ever. This session will cover the basics of creating assignments and viewing student results. We will also discuss the newer features of DeltaMath Plus that give the teachers a lot more flexibility in creating assignments: attaching videos to assignments, creating an online test and writing your own questions on DeltaMath.

Recommended Grade Level: 6 – 12

Hosted by: Leigh Nataro

NOTE: To get a full understanding of Delta Math, the viewing the webinar is recommended over listening to the podcast.  Also, there is a Delta Math Facebook group where Delta Math Users help each other.

Watch the full presentation at

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