Rich math tasks & 5 practices in online teaching – 5/5/20

Rich math tasks & 5 practices in online teaching

Presented by: Theresa Wills

Presented on: May 5, 2020

Explore strategies to implement rich mathematical tasks and discussions in your synchronous online classroom. In this webinar, you will engage in interactive slides to complete a task. You will incorporate multiple representations such as using concrete, pictorial, and abstract. Then, all participants will engage in a math talk that utilizes the 5 practices. Register to see how to transition your pedagogical practices into the online environment and keep your math class fun, interactive, collaborative, and rigorous.

Recommended Grade Level: K-Alg 2

Hosted by: Leigh Nataro

Watch the full presentation at:

NOTE: It is probably better to watch the presentation than to listen to the podcast for this episode. There was a gap where people watched a video without sound and commented in the chat and this is a tech heavy session.

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