Catalysing a Culture of Curiosity in Mathematics

Catalysing a Culture of Curiosity in Mathematics

Presented by: John Rowe

Doing mathematics is an amazing way to truly harness the curiosity we naturally bring to things that capture our attention. We play with ideas to explore our intuition and attempt to reason the way the world works. We create models that tell stories of patterns and relationships between what we can see and what we cannot, between what we understand and what we do not.

Teachers can be a catalyst for creating a culture of curiosity in mathematics, serving as a model for working mathematically conducive to learning experiences where students are captivated by the beauty of mathematics.

This webinar will provide participants with examples of how we might foster a classroom culture where students ask more questions than their teacher and where learning is a process of reflection, sharing the insights made and resolutions reached.

Hosted by: Leigh Nataro

Note: Watch the full presentation at:

Presented on September 3, 2019

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