Mathivate…be the best fraction of a kid’s day!! (part 1)

Mathivate…be the best fraction of a kid’s day!!

Note: This is part 1 of this podcast.

Presented by: Kim Thomas

M-A-T-H What does it spell? Best subject ever!!  Let’s celebrate KIDS + YOU + MATH!! You will leave this celemathbration with mathtastic learning experiences to implement in your classroom. Be ready to have an amathazing time with projects and activities that are personalized for kids. Mathlicious ideas like Math Muscles, Equationanza, MEflection SymMEtry, Fraction of Your Brain, MathO’ween, Namerea, Christmath Trees, Yahmathzee, and Fracordiddles will put a positive parabola on everyone’s face!! Most of these activities can be adapted to any grade level, but the primary focus are middle school grades – Bring your mathitude to this celemathbration!!

Hosted by: Paula Torres

Note: Watch the full presentation at:

Presented on April 30, 2019

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