Learning Math in a Digital Environment

Learning Math in a Digital Environment

Presented by: Cal Armstrong

Learning mathematics for students requires a lot of diverse materials : notes, pictures, graphs, interactives, worksheets, equations, feedback, review materials. How do they have a workflow that works for all these different media; how do they collect, manage and cope while at the same time meeting with accessibility & language needs? And how do teachers manage to deal with all of that along with the need to do assessments, give feedback, observe, reflect and just “teach”? We’ll go through how #digitalink & OneNote have made all of this manageable and has in fact increased learning time in the classroom while adapting to the desire to engage in discussions, #vnps, student voice/choice, visualization and other common practices of the modern classroom.

Hosted by: Leigh Nataro

Note: Watch the full presentation at: https://www.bigmarker.com/GlobalMathDept/Learning-Math-in-a-Digital-Environment

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Presented on February 5, 2019

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