Planting the Seeds of Algebra

Planting the Seeds of Algebra

Presented by: Monica Neagoy

Children of today, leaders of tomorrow, will use technological tools that far exceed our imagination. This reality begs the question: What is our purpose in teaching computation, for instance, when already-existing tools can compute, solve or simulate faster and more efficiently than we?” Recent standards for mathematics in many countries have answered the question by raising the bar for parents and teachers alike: our greater purpose for teaching elementary mathematics is to develop algebraic thinking, or better yet,deep mathematical thinking. This talk will give concrete examples of what this looks like, sounds like and feels like in grades K through 6, that teachers will be able to use with their students in the weeks to follow. Once you have seen the powerful bridges from elementary mathematics to higher mathematics, you will never look at odd and even numbers, subtraction, division, equality and other topics in the same way again…and your students will be forever empowered!

Hosted by: Shauna Hedgepeth

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Presented on April 3, 2018

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