Designing Curriculum That Treats Students as Sense-Makers

Designing Curriculum That Treats Students as Sense-Makers

How do we design high-quality curriculum that supports students and their teachers seeing themselves as sense-makers, not mistake-makers? David will share effective teaching practices embedded in curriculum that allow all students to make mathematical connections. We will also discuss as a group how to embed features that are educative for teachers, so that the use of curriculum can lead to both student and teacher learning. Another critical goal of our curriculum work is to develop curriculum that explicitly aims to be responsive to student ideas and which includes instructional supports that give all students access to the mathematics through supporting students and teachers in having authentic mathematical discussions. In the presentation, participants will learn how those supports have been embedded within our curriculum through the use of instructional routines. Our assumption in the design of our curriculum work: It is possible for all students to learn, given appropriate support. Presented by David Wees

Hosted by: Paula Torres

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Presented on August 21, 2018

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