Being Equity-Minded in the Teaching of Mathematics

Being Equity-Minded in the Teaching of Mathematics

Talk by: Darryl Yung

Even though we might give the same set of instructions or deploy the same activity to a group of students, each student will experience it in a different way because of their different lived experiences and ever-present inequities in our society. That’s an aspect of teaching that is simultaneously wonderful, fascinating, and frustrating! How can we teach in a way that allows every student to flourish, particularly when our actions and decisions can have unintended consequences that affect the way our students experience our classrooms? Being equity-minded is a habit of mind that can help us to deepen our own awareness about the experiences of others and to be aware of inequities that exist in our classroom. We’ll discuss equity-mindedness in the context of common practices and decisions that take place in the mathematics classroom.

Hosted by: Leigh Nataro

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Presented on August 28, 2018


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