Global Math’s Out for Summer!

Global Math's Out for Summer!

Edited By Brian Bushart @bstockus

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Online Professional Development Sessions

Summer Vacay!

It’s summer vacation for webinars at Global Math. We’ll be back in August.  We’re sad, too! There’s never been a better time to binge watch recordings of past presentations. Check them all out here!

Summer Reading to Tide You Over

Reading My Mind

One of my favorite bloggers is Dane Ehlert because when I pull up his blog he has written on a topic I have been pondering for a while. This week, he had a vision for grading, something I’ve been mulling over for a week or so now. As I read this post, I opened myself up and allowed his views to challenge my perspective on grading.

As most educators look for what’s easy, Dane considers what’s best for his students. Dane considers a balance between traditional grading practices and standards based grading practices. In reading his post, it appears he has arrived at this conclusion himself, standards based grading is a better system for student learning today. As I venture back into the classroom to teach one segment of Introduction to Algebra, I must consider if I’m up for embodying the vision in which Dane discussed in this post.

I conclude, hell yeah I am!

Written by Jenise Sexton (@MrsJeniseSexton)

Secondary Number Talks

In Sara Van Der Werf’s latest post she throws down the gauntlet, challenging all secondary math teachers to try out number talks 30 times next school year. Why? Because we as teachers can either continue to lament students’ lack of numeracy skills and point fingers at prior teachers, or we can do something about it. Sara wants us to do something about it!

Thankfully she’s willing to help us out. Her post is a treasure trove of resources – descriptions of how she does number talks, links to books and helpful blog posts, and ideas for connecting number talks to what we’re already covering in class.

Don’t take my word for it. Read her post! She’ll convince you with ducks.


Written by Brian Bushart (@bstockus)

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