This week: School’s out (or almost), but summer is just beginning!!!

This week: School's out (or almost), but summer is just beginning!!! 

Edited By Sahar Khatri @khatrimath

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Online Professional Development Sessions

Tonight, be sure to check back in for Sara VanDerWerf (@saravdwerf) as she presents The Pursuit of 100% Engagement: Practical ideas to get you closer to this goal. Learn how to increase the number of students talking in your classroom and the quality of what they say. Tune in here.

Last week we were on a hiatus, be sure to check out tonight’s webinar.

Kicking Summer Off #MTBoS Style!

Summer is great for catching up on your reading. Whether it’s on the beach, on the Eurorail, or on the couch, what’s better than kicking off your summer by rediscovering your favorite blogs?

Discovering some new(ish) ones! Here are some suggestions from around the #MTBoS…


So this summer, kick back, relax, and enjoy these new(ish) voices in the world of blogging!

~by Andrew Gael (@bkdidact)

Hit the Groovy Road

Happy Summer! If you hit the road this summer, keep your eyes peeled for creative designs (and engineering) that were the result of some crafty mathematical thinking.

My favorite podcast, 99% Invisible, posted an article on highways with rumble strips that produce songs as cars drive over them. Before you click on the link below, I encourage you as you’re reading to think of all the beautiful math behind the design of these rumble strips. One engineer mentions the importance of precision and that being off by more than 5 millimeters could produce incorrect notes.


See the complete post titled, Groovy Roads Turn Functional Rumble Strips into Musical Highways.

New to 99% Invisible? I’ve put together my favorite episodes here.
Warning: they’re fun and addicting!

~ by Andrew Stadel (@mr_stadel)

Problem Solving Fun!

School’s out, but as we know the work continues for teachers! This summer I will be keeping my eye out for new posts from Lisa Winer (@Lisaqt314) who is creating a problem solving workbook for her Problem Solving Seminar  that students will be assigned each week. She’s pulling problems from a variety of resources including the #MTBoS and NCTMs journals. She just released Chapter 0 that outlines some expectations and the first problem set! Check it out and share some thoughts and feedback with her if you are so inclined,

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