Conference Bonanza!

Conference Bonanza!

Included this week: This week’s Global Math webinar details, some blogs posts you might have missed.  Edited by Megan Schmidt

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This Week at Global Math:  What Makes Problems Complex?

Presented by Hannah Schuchhardt

Helping students learn how to problem solve is a problem in itself. In this session we’ll look at some different strategies to help students identify what makes problems or tasks more complex than others’ with the goal that this helps them unpack the problem solving process. We’ll discuss partner or group activities and discussion prompts that help students identify complex tasks and show their thinking.
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Last week’s recording of My Favorites can be viewed here.  

Cool Bloggies

Meg Craig wrote a great post to remind us it’s ok for us to approach classroom issues differently.  It’s probably not productive for us to constantly spew our dissent on twitter.

If you’re thinking about your math department’s curriculum, Henri Picciotto just finished his third post in a series about big picture curriclum planning. The most recent installment, Themed Courses?, was inspired by a twitter discussion around ‘themed’ vs. ‘hodgepoge’ curriculum. While on one hand high school trigonometry classes lack a central theme, this may be comfortable for students, as most 4th grade classes also cover a wide array of topics. Picciotto states that the decision around these things should be individualized, “taking into account the specifics of one’s school, such as school culture, schedule, and student preparation.” He lays out some of the most important things to consider and he also provides the curriculum map that he created for his high school as an example. It’s worth the read, as are the previous posts in the series, Pruning the Curriculum and Mapping out a Course.

If you just want to do some math, jump into the PCMI ‘e-table.’ Do some of the same math that they are working on at the 2015 Park City Math Institute and talk with other educators via google each evening. The math problems will unfold over time but it looks like there will be a focus on triangles and Geogebra. If you’re interested in the happenings in Utah, follow along with the hashtag #pcmisummer!

Hashtag PD #ConferenceChat

Tons of tweeps are traveling the globe, soaking up strategies from fellow educators, and sharing gems on twitter for all of us to enjoy!  

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