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This Week at Global Math – 06/23/2015

Included this week: This week’s Global Math webinar details, some things to check out from the interwebs that you might have missed.  Edited by Ashli Black.

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This Week at Global Math: 

My Favorites

At Global Math tonight we have math teachers share their favorite thing in the online world this week.


Brooke Powers (@LBrookePowers) 

Matt Enlow (@CmonMattTHINK) 

Dylan Kane (@math8_teacher) 

Hedge (@approx_normal) 

Jessica Bogie (@algebrainiac1)

Presented by: Jessica Bogie (@algebrainiac1).

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Last week on Global Math we heard from The Shadow Con crew with some follow up thoughts from Boston and an inside look at how it came together.  View the recording here.

Summer engagement


As the school year closes many teachers head for the hills (or the beach or the lake or abroad).  Some, however, wonder what they can do over the summer break to maintain their high level of professional inquiry.  If you are the latter, then may I suggest one of the many twitter book club chats happening over the summer.


The first is centered around the book Intentional Talk by Elham Kazemi and Allison Hintz.  Both authors are active on twitter and are heavily involved in the book club chat.  This chat is run by Dylan Kane and Bridget Dunbar.  The chat is being run slow chat style on the hashtag #intenttalk.  Below is a more detailed schedule.  


Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 10.56.35 PM.png   

Another twitter book club going on right now is for the book Mindsets in the Classroom by Mary Cay Ricci.  It is led by Laurie B-Worthington and is every Tuesday at 8pm EST on the hashtag #msitcbc.  Justin Aion is ready for twitter book clubs this summer! Are you?

written by Andrew Gael (@bkdidact)

Tell Me Something About the Problem


There are so many great blogs out there… here are two I’m determined to get caught up on reading this summer. The fact that they’re both newer blogs makes this an attainable goal.


Uw2ILI-v_400x400.jpeg The amazing Marilyn Burns has been blogging since January. I saw Marilyn present a few years ago and wish I had her as a math teacher when I was in school. Like so many of us, she states in her first post that she’s “still on the journey of becoming a good math teacher.”

*Bonus points: follow Marilyn on Twitter too.

u3_wAozZ_400x400.jpeg Michael Pershan has been throwing down some new beats over at Problem Problems where it’s All About Problem Solving. I highly doubt he’s only going to post 99.

written by Andrew Stadel (@mr_stadel)


With summer upon us comes three of the best weeks of math PD out there: The Park City Mathematics Institute. It’s three weeks of doing math, thinking deeply about teaching, and creating things that will benefit the teaching community.
For those interested in learning more about PCMI, you can check out an info site here and also follow along with the morning math problems, check out what the Reflection on Practice session is thinking and reading, or follow the PCMI hashtag, #pcmisummer. A lot of those links are pretty blank for now since PCMI starts on June 29th, but to see what it will look like click here to see the class notes from 2014.

written by Ashli Black (@mythagon)


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