Enjoying Summer Vacation

Enjoying Summer Vacation

Edited By Carl Oliver @carloliwitter

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Summer Vacay!

It’s summer vacation for webinars at Global Math. We’ll be back in August.  We’re sad, too! There’s never been a better time to binge watch recordings of past presentations. Check them all out here!

Great Blogging Action

The TMC Ripple Effect

Don’t worry campers, TMC16 has come and gone but the math memories live forever.


If you were unable to make it to Augsburg College last week you can get caught up at the Twitter Math Camp Workspace. The site hosts all the keynotes, morning and breakout sessions, and My Favorites.  As tweeps blog and reflect on their TMC16 experience they’ll be posted under Recap and Reflection Blogposts.  

But in the meantime, if you’re still not sure if TMC is for you, you’ll want to read Greta’s thoughtful post as a first time TMCer.  I think it’s fair to say that Sara VandeWerf tweet below sums it up best.

Next year TMC17 will be hosted in Atlanta.  Hope you can make it!

Written by @gfletchy

Hot on Twitter: Back to School Sale Price Comparisons


Real world purpose for unit rate! I got the she’s crazy look for taking pictures. #mtbos #msmathchat


Other goings on around the Blogosphere

In between escaping the recent heat wave, and travelling with the family, I’ve taken some time to read some of the new blog posts written by new bloggers following TMC. Collectively these blogs are great for people sitting on the fence about blogging, both new and old. 

Annie Perkins has received positive praise for Well, That Escalated Quickly. In this piece Annie manages to describe the myriad complexities of teaching in the space between zero and one. 

Hannah Mesick cannon-balled into the blogging world  with her post Jumping In. Mesick cites the amazing Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly, and then proceeds to do just that while describing the vulnerability required to join the MTBoS conversation.

Lastly, you should check out the post From a MTBoS Stalker by Greta Lynn. At TMC this year Greta heard the quote “there are no rockstar teachers” and took it to heart, realizing that the people who start blogging are just trying to learn like everyone else. This post describes the reasons why she blogs, and how it will help her journey as a teacher.

Additionally, Julie Reulbach is looking for Algebra 2 teachers to sign up for #alg2chat before the new year starts. She is motivated to make the hashtag more useful for everyone. If you or anyone you know teaches Algebra 2, visit and sign up on the google form.

If you are out and about this summer, maybe you want to participate in the #mathphoto16 challenge. Below are photos were some of the ones that line up with this weeks theme #shapes. If you have an interesting photo please post it to twitter with the #mathphoto16 hashtag. If you want to scroll through and see all of the previous photos, follow @mathphoto16 on twitter. If looking at twitter isn’t your bag, you can also see photos on flickr and wordpress.com. Happy snapping!

-Carl Oliver (@carloliwitter)

#shapes #mathphoto16 “@henryseg: A driveway in Heidelberg, Germany. https://t.co/zryjx4JoBq” – @TheErickLee

  • #mathphoto16 #shapes in Amsterdam https://t.co/i503N6xefU – @debboden
  • #shapes #mathphoto16 Hey, somebody had to do it… https://t.co/GwExIA4oaP – @jillenelouise
  • #shapes #mathphoto16 “@henryseg: A driveway in Heidelberg, Germany. https://t.co/zryjx4JoBq” – @TheErickLee

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