Modeling, Number Talks, and more

Modeling, Number Talks, and more

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Online Professional Development Sessions

Last week, Bob Janes presented Mathematics and Music. There are a surprising number of strong connections between mathematics and music highlighted by Bob which can be adapted to fit classrooms from middle school through secondary education. 

Check out the recording here.

This week (Tuesday, September 15, 9 PM EDT) join Nancy Butler Wolf for Strategies for Success: Bringing Mathematical Modeling into Your Classroom. This session will address questions such as:

  1. What is Modeling?
  2. How does modeling differ from traditional word problems?
  3. Common questions and concerns from teachers about incorporating modeling?
  4. How to find and create great modeling tasks?
  5. What are the benefits of modeling?

Join us here to reserve your seat and attend the session.

Great Blogging Action

Last week Kristin Gray shared a simple idea that redefines the term bell-to-bell instruction.  Many of us agree that there’s not enough time in the day “to get it all done” however Kristin and group of teachers at her school introduced “Chat-n-Chew”.  The idea is simple, put 15 ideas together in a looping ppt, with a 30 second transition between slides, and let it play over lunch. 
“It was so fun to walk around and see students pointing at the screen and offering what they thought the answer would be and explaining why!”  What’s great about this idea is that it can be implemented in every school and not just for math.

Although it’s too late to officially sign up now, Kristin is also hosting a Twitter Book Study for the book Making Number Talks Matter.  The conversation will be trending under #mNTmTCH.  Feel free to crash the party and add your thoughts.  More on this below…

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Hot on Twitter:

Seen on the chalkboard of a classroom I visited this week.

Today marks the second day of the Making Number Talks Matter book study. This initiative has been planned and spearheaded by Kristin Gray (@mathminds) and has interested participants from around the world. Making Number Talks Matter, the book, by Cathy Humphreys and Ruth Parker, focuses on the important practice of number talks which are is useful across all educational levels. To participate in this book study, visit the descriptional google doc or follow along with the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #mNTmTch. The conversation also extends to facebook and the teaching channel. Here was monday’s first prompt:

@mathminds is also interested in improving your NCTM conference experience: If you want to fill out a quick google survey about your experience with NCTM annual and regional conferences click here.

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The Global Math Department is looking for individuals who are interested in planning the Tuesday night webinars hosted on Big Marker. GMD bookers contact potential speakers regarding speaking opportunities, and provide them with details on planning sessions. If you are interested in being more involved with the Global Math Department, contact Heather at or Dylan at

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