Reflecting on TMC and other stuff

Reflecting on TMC and other stuff

Included this week: A link to the Global Math webinar archive, some blogs posts you might have missed, and another problem of the week.  

Edited by David Wees (sorry it’s late!).

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This Month at Global Math:  No Global Math!

It’s summer vacation for webinars at Global Math. We’ll be back in August. 

We’re sad too! There’s never been a better time to check out a recording of a past presentation. Check them all out here!

His Session Was Brill!

@AlexOverwijk repeated his 2014 #tmc session this year which pleased participants such as @gfletchy who tweeted:

This 2014 blog post outlines the use of white-boarding, which I believe takes the technique to the next level.  Often times, we see students within classrooms using small whiteboards only visible to those sitting near.  Overwijk discusses the impact of the whiteboards being posted on the walls around the room.  Students work in small groups on a really good task, which opens the opportunity for discussion and makes thoughts of those in the room visible to everyone.  This is a part of the “big wheel”.

Written by Jenise Sexton (@MrsJeniseSexton)

Reflecting on Twitter Math Camp

When I started tweeting within the MTBoS, I didn’t realize that I was signing up to be a part of a cult (link here).  That is, a Community United in Learning Together. Twitter Math Camp reaffirmed that MTBoS is more that just a group of people who tweet and blog about teaching math, it’s so much more than that.

As a first time attendee of the TMC I was humbled and inspired. It was an environment of sharing, caring, and uplifting what we do as educators every single day. Fawn Nguyen brought down the house with her powerful reminders of what is important: our relationship with our admin, students, parents, and colleagues. She reminded is that “Bad teaching is not knowing that what you’re doing can be better” –(@fawnpnguyen) This was a place where important discussions, conversations, and history was being written!  

Referring to the merger of NCTM and The Math Forum, Elizabeth (@cheesemonkeysf) said, “Five years ago, we were a positive but isolated group of individuals connected by Twitter and by our math teaching blogs. Today, our little conference was the platform for an important piece of news in the math education world.”  She goes on to say that MTBoS is a movement “committed to embodying a better and more sustainable set of principles in our teaching practice and in our professional development.”

I joined Twitter and MTBoS without realizing any of that. I was just looking for better resources to survive my first year of teaching. I’ve survived it and gotten so much more beyond that! 

Make sure to read the rest of Elizabeth’s article here. While the TMC15 archive is being built,  go ahead and enjoy the “Party at TMC song“.

Written by Sahar Khatri (@KhatriMath)

Problem of the Week

Without counting all of the triangles or using paper and pencil, how many small shaded triangles are in the above picture?

Pay attention to what you noticed about the shape that helped you figure it out. Full activity resources here. Share your strategies on Twitter.

Written by David Wees (@davidwees)

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