We are a group of math teachers. We all knew each other from MTBoS and Twitter Math Camp, and we decided to organize weekly webinars about math teaching. Then, we made a weekly newsletter to let people know about lots of the great stuff happening in the MTBoS and in other places. We’ve also organized local in-person meetings, and we’re often trying to think of other good stuff to do for our community.

You don’t really “join” the Global Math Department, in the sense of a membership. To get involved, check out one of our webinars or subscribe to our newsletter.

It takes the help and creativity of a lot of people to put out a webinar and newsletter every week. Scroll down to learn more about our team. And if you’d like to help out, be in touch! There are always ways to help out.

The Board Of Directors

Dylan Kane



Leigh Nataro



Heather Kohn



Brian Bushart




Dylan Kane



Heather Kohn



Sharon Vestal



Marissa Walczak



Jonathan Schoolcraft




Debbie Boden



Megan Hayes-Golding



Jessica Bogie



Adrienne Shlagbaum



Sheila Orr






Paula Torres



Chasity Gregory



Amanda Riske




Brian Bushart - Editor



Bridget Dunbar



Chase Orton



Anna Blinstein



Nate Goza - Editor



Lisa Winer



Graham Fletcher



Steven Gnagni



Casey McCormick - Editor



Erick Lee



Andrew Stadel



Matthew Engle