Building Human Themes into your Teaching of Math – 2/11/20

Building Human Themes into your Teaching of Math  Presented by: Francis Su Presented on: February 11, 2020 Doing mathematical work sometimes feels like drudgery, and that’s often because we’ve taken ‘real math’ out of math homework. Mathematics isn’t memorization or calculation (though those can be helpful to do doing math)… rather, math is exploration, and that’s a deep human desire we all have. Students will be more motivated to learn mathematics if you appeal to their basic human desires, such as: for exploration, for play, for beauty, for truth, for struggle, for community. We’ll explore practical ways to build human themes into the teaching of mathematics. Bring one example of a lesson or a homework that you’d like to modify. Recommended Grade Level: 6-12 Hosted by: Amanda Riske Watch the full presentation at:  

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