Slow Data Collection

Slow Data Collection

Presented by: Amanda Riske

How can we humanize math and talk about the ethics of data collection and analysis authentically with our students? During this webinar, Amanda Riske will discuss how her students collected data over a quarter or semester to allow them to experience data collection methods and learn how to interrogate statistical studies. Through looking at Slow Data Collection, we will explore the question: ‘How can our observations change perspectives and help implement change?’ Participants will delve into how slow data collection projects can develop perspective taking in the math classroom, lead to interdisciplinary projects, open up conversations with students, faculty, parents, and local partners. Participants will consider Amanda’s latest slow data project based on the question: ‘What do we learn from front page news?’ We will examine the planning phases that help students find their voice; ways students can develop a practical plan for their data that prompts action and leading to community involvement.

Hosted by: Leigh Nataro

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Presented on May 29, 2018

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