This Week: To do or not to do? and TMC#17

This Week: To do or not to do? and TMC#17

Edited By Sahar Khatri @MyMathscape

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(Almost) No rote required – teaching and understanding multiplication and division from doubling to completing the square! 
Wouldn’t we all love our students to have their times tables at their fingertips, without a calculator? All students need to understand multiplication and division as it is essential for the foundation of nearly all secondary maths but very few of our students see the patterns in numbers, carry over into topics such as Algebra. Learn why visual strategies are essential to their understanding and you sharing meaning as a teacher. Presented by Christine Lenghaus.
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Highlight from last week: Writing: Your Questions Answered
Presented by Jose Vilson

Jose Vilson answered our questions about writing: maintaining a blog while being banned on district computers, writing a book, and other questions 

Tune in to what you missed here.

Great Blogging Action

Burns vs. Burns

“Thanks, Jo, for your comment. It got me thinking and for that I’m appreciative.” says Marilyn Burns.

Yes, it truly got her thinking, and we all stand to benefit from Marilyn’s thinking in her recent blog post, When Should and Shouldn’t We Give Answers.

I thoroughly enjoyed this dialogue Marilyn Burns had with herself about revealing an answer to a commenter on her blog. It’s that struggle we can often face as educators. Her experience and wisdom will help any math teacher think through answer giving and productive struggle.

Here’s an excerpt from the conversation. Check out the rest on her blog!

“The conversation in my head went something like this:

— Hmm, in the classroom, I resist giving students answers. Should I do it here?

— Well, why not? She obviously really wants to know and why should I withhold information that I have?

— But, then again, I worry that giving the answer betrays my educational belief that productive struggle has value. And what I especially love about this problem is that you know that you’ve solved it when you can deal the cards the way I showed on the video. No answer book is needed.”

~by Andrew Stadel (@mr_stadel)

Let the unofficial countdown to Twitter Math Camp (#TMC17) begin! Speakers have been notified this week and general registration will open up on February 10, 2017. 
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Can you already feel the excitement?!

Jennifer Fairbanks shares her excitement about her proposal acceptance on her blog.

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