This week: Lots of #MTBoS love, photos, audio, shout outs, and a POEM!

This week: Lots of #MTBoS love, photos, audio, shout outs, and a POEM!

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Online Professional Development Sessions

How does the banker come up with offers on Deal or No Deal? Where should you drop Plinko chips to win the most money? These questions lead to topics in probability and statistics. Bowen Kerins examines game shows from two perspectives: those who play the games, and those who design the games.Tune in tonight at 9 PM EST. to explore the Mathematics of Game Shows!

Last week we were lucky to have Yana Weinstein (@doctorwhy) presenting Improving Math Education with Interleaved Problems. In this interactive presentation, we gave a brief overview of interleaving and discussed the ways in which teachers currently use interleaving in their classrooms. We talked about the challenges of using interleaving, research demonstrating that interleaving enhances math problem solving skills more than blocked practice, and provided some ideas for implementation of interleaving in the classroom. If you missed it check out the recording here.


Anne Schwartz reminds us that Twitter Math Camp is right around the corner with her post about creating a #MTBoSYearbook.

Her rules are simple:

  1. Tweet with #MTBoSYearbook

  2. Include your name, a picture of yourself, and your quote

  3. Yes Elizabeth it has to be your face and not a monkey

  4. You can include other people but be sure to tag them so they can override

  5. The deadline is Next Friday June 3

Here is Anne’s model post:


That deadline is approaching fast, so get your entries in!

~by Andrew Gael (@bkdidact)

#MTBoSYearbook: Here are some already posted…

MTBoS Audio-bites: Tales from the Chalkline

Have you subscribed or tuned in yet?! If not, you’re missing out. The latest “chalk-talk” features Tina Cardone as she discusses special ed, Nix the Trix, students in foster care, tracking students, and so much more! It’s a jam packed hour that has left me so much to think about. Listen to the other talks here or find Chalkline on your favorite app. And don’t forget to send some love to Anne Schwartz who has launched this podcast.

Cuz Fawn Says It’s Cool


My buddy, JR Ginex-Orinion, texted me the other day asking:


So naturally, I went to their site and clicked around. Pretty cool.


Today, I saw Fawn’s post about and I thought,

“Well… if Fawn thinks it’s cool, then we probably all should think it’s cool.”


So here is my end-of-the-year rhyme:

When you’re done with school,

Kick your feet up at the pool,

With as your tool

Cuz Fawn says it’s cool.

~ by Andrew Stadel (@mr_stadel)


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