Record Keeping, Blermions, and Other Good Reads

Record Keeping, Blermions, and Other Good Reads

Edited By Ashli Black @mythagon

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Online Professional Development Sessions

Interested in learning more about Desmos Activity Builder? Want to know how to use it to help your lessons and not hinder them? Join Shelley Carranza tonight to look at high school activities and draw out general best practices for teaching digital math lessons in middle school or high school.

The conference starts at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific. Click here to join!

Click here to check out last week’s conference, “In Transforming Intervention: Moving from Skills Remediation to Rich Problem Solving,” by Kassia Wedekind and Mary Beth Dillane.

Things to Check Out

Preparing for the end of (next) year


As the best of the #MTBoS books begin to arrive…


…and the excitement builds…


…and builds…


Michael Pershan (as always) brings up a good point in his new post, “If we’re going to have a book compilation of best posts at the end of the year, then I had better be a bit more scrupulous about collecting my favorite posts.”

Everyone should make an effort to record their favorite blog posts all year in order to have a more annually comprehensive “best of” book. Whether you tweet about your favorite posts, collect them in padlet, or blog about them like Michael (and others), just do it somehow. So this December, we don’t have a “Best of the Math Teacher Blogs in December 2016.”  

written by Andrew Gael (@bkdidact)

Go Blermions!


Thanks to Sam Shah and the goodness of the #MTBoS, we’ve got a keeper for all you geometry teachers! Sam shares Teaching the Crossed Chord Theorem in all its coolness.  

I remember teaching intersecting chords to my geometry students; formulaic and bland.


After reading Sam’s post, I want an opportunity to run it with geometry students. Jennifer Wilson says it best in the comments, “What a beautiful journey of creation and collaboration and implementation for this learning episode. Thank you for sharing!”

Go blermions!


written by Andrew Stadel (@mr_stadel)

Two Reads to Check Out

the good folk over at Achieve the Core have been running a series on Adapting Materials for the classroom. The most recent post is on Essential Knowledge for Adapting Instructional Materials and written by @jody_guarino, an awesome elementary- ed specialist in Southern California.

On the geometry side of things, the initial draft of the CCSSM Geometry Progression for 7-8 and HS is now out!

written by Ashli Black (@mythagon)

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