Good Reads from the Online World

Good Reads from the Online World

Edited By Ashli Black @mythagon

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Online Professional Development Sessions

Tonight at GMD, Jessica Balli will present on Using Peer Feedback to Increase Student Understanding. This presentation will highlight strategies that allow students to communicate their own thinking and then respond to the thinking of others. By asking students to give feedback to their peers, they become the audience and the authority, as opposed to the teacher, who takes on the role of a facilitator. Come learn how you can give your students more opportunities to reason, communicate, and take responsibility for their own learning!

The conference starts at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific. Click here to join!

Last week at Global Math, Peter Bohacek and Matt Vonk presented on Using Direct Measurement Videos to Learn to Make Mathematical ModelsClick here to watch the replay.

Things to Check Out

Binging Professional Development


If you are like most Americans, you love binge watching TV until you pass out on the couch, snoring, with the remote dangerously close to falling out of your hands, crashing to the floor, and waking you up!

Hey man, no judgements! We’re here to help!

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 6.12.10 PM.png

Graham Fletcher just released the third installment in his Making Sense Series: Progression of Addition and Subtraction. Jenise Sexton went in depth into the first episode about the Progression of Multiplication, here. In between, Graham released the second episode about the Progression of Division. So grab the comfiest part of the couch and feel free to binge, because the season finale is on its way, based on some sweet insider info!

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 6.24.38 PM.png

written by Andrew Gael (@bkdidact)

Make Mistakes Progress

Audrey McLaren sparked my interest multiple times in her recent post: Rethinking How We See Mistakes. Essentially, she’s sharing her thoughts on how to better react to student mistakes in math class by embracing them, as to encourage students to make progress. I’m all for this! Here’s my favorite response from Audrey you could use in class with students tomorrow, “That’s the best mistake I’ve seen today!”

Read more here. It won’t be a mistake.

written by Andrew Stadel (@mr_stadel)

Happy International Women’s Day!

+Plus Magazine is an online publication out of the UK “which aims to introduce readers to the beauty and the practical applications of mathematics.” Currently run by two female editors, over the years they’ve published many articles on women in mathematics that are great for sharing with your classes today! This article is filled with with links to information on mathematical heroines from the past (Emmy Noether! Sofia Kovalevskaya!) and present (Dorit Aharonov! Sandy Black!) as well as articles by female mathematicians and podcasts from the International Conference of Women Mathematicians in 2010 and the European Women in Mathematics Conference in 2007.

And never forget xkcd’s contribution to the conversation of women in the sciences.

written by Ashli Black (@mythagon)

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