Candy Fun, MTBoS Love, and a Building Community

Candy Fun, MTBoS Love, and a Building Community

Edited By Carl Oliver @carloliwitter

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Online Professional Development Sessions

This week, join Michael Pershan to dive into the topic Be Your Own Professional Development:

How do we become better at teaching math? Conventional answers point to quality training and departmental collaboration, but not all teachers have access to these opportunities. What can be done to improve practice on our own initiative? In this session I’ll share stories and thoughts on what can break the cycle of same-old teaching.

Click here to join the conference or rsvp your spot ahead of time!

Last week, Amy Lucenta and Grace Kelemanik presented the session On-Ramps to Mathematical Thinking for Students with Learning Disabilities Through the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

Check out the recording here.

Things to Check Out

#tmwyk, Halloween Edition


I will be writing a blog post soon about why I think Counting Collections is one of the best mathematical instructional routines there is, but for now we can just enjoy math teachers leveraging a holiday that encourages their own kids to engage with math in order to eat candy, lots of candy! Check out more Halloween math fun on the #tmwyk hashtag.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 1.56.09 AM.png    Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 1.59.33 AM.png

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 1.05.37 AM.png

written by Andrew Gael (@bkdidact)

MTBoS Love

Elementary teacher Jamie Duncan says the following about teaching math these days, “It’s what I look forward to most and I have a hard time not doing math all day.”


Jamie didn’t always feel so ecstatic about teaching math. At one point, she classified math as “something to get through.”  


Do you know what helped ignite this passion for math? You and the rest of the #MTBoS.

Take three minutes to read her post and check out all the great things her students are doing in math with measurement and more! Another #MTBoS success story!



written by Andrew Stadel (@mr_stadel)

If you’ve not had a chance to check out Desmos’ Activity Builder, now is the time to give it a look. Don’t quite have the time to make your own during the busy school year? Then check out the curation efforts of the Desmos team highlighted in this recent post on some transformation activities. Transformations were one of my favorite things to play with in class so I can’t wait to dive into all of these!

written by Ashli Black (@mythagon)


Global Math Department Needs Your Help!

The Global Math Department is looking for individuals who are interested in planning the Tuesday night webinars hosted on Big Marker. GMD bookers contact potential speakers regarding speaking opportunities, and provide them with details on planning sessions. If you are interested in being more involved with the Global Math Department, contact Heather at or Dylan at

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