Welcome to September!

Welcome to September!

Included this week: This week’s Global Math webinar details and some highlights from the MTBoS

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This Week at Global Math…

Social Dynamics and Math Discussions
Do students actually listen to each other during math discussions, or do they just talk past each other? What structures and routines can you create in your classroom to help students engage in genuine mathematical discourse? This GMD meeting explores these questions and how social dynamics in the classroom can promote or inhibit genuine mathematical discussion and argumentation. Participants will leave with concrete tools to foster mathematical discourse in their classrooms.

Presented by Joe Herbert and Benjamin Walker. To RSVP, click here

Last week’s recording on Problem-Based Learning can be viewed here

Changing of the (school) Seasons

Be Part Of A Team, Not An Island


Jennifer Wilson wrote a great post about the power of team-teaching, a model definitely worth considering. Team-teaching might not be feasible for your district/site this year, but definitely learn more about it.

picture of students in a classroom


If your team can’t teach together, don’t make it an excuse for not growing as an educator. The next best step in growing as a professional is making the time to go observe other teachers during your prep. Jennifer noticed a teacher saying,


his willingness to spend his planning period observing her class emphasizes the culture of learning from each other

I challenge you to pick a day each week to go observe another teacher at your site, math or another subject. Set a weekly alarm on your phone to email a teacher, asking them to stop by during your prep. If the teacher you want to observe doesn’t have a class during your prep, ask an administrator to cover your class during one of your other periods. Be creative. If you really want to observe other teachers, you’ll find a way. Share your experience with me.

written by Andrew Stadel (@mr_stadel)

Math has taken over the Great American State Fair!




Spearheaded by Christopher Danielson (pictured with Megan Schmidt and Malke Rosenfeld (right)), the “Math On A Stick” fair is continuing through September 7th! If you’re in the Minneapolis area you better make it to “Math On A Stick.” If you don’t, I’m sure there’s plenty of people stalking #mathonastick on twitter who would gladly go in your stead!


Here’s a blog post written by our own Vegan Math Beagle about her experience at the fair.  Also, if you’d like to volunteer for a three hour shift click here!


Finally, check out these pics (stolen from Annie Fetter’s twitter feed!)


CNmNT-sWoAEPVDt.jpg   CNg5YM3WgAAeU7Y.jpg   CNjOSJeUAAACGbc.jpg

written by Andrew Gael (@bkdidact)
The Things We Remember

The memories that stick with us from childhood are sometimes random and sometimes filled with lessons learned. In a recent blogpost, Chris Lusto weaves a brilliant tale of 1st grade life, mathematics, and the memories that schools and teachers impart in their students’ — both for good and for ill.

As we roll into the 2015-2016 school year, what do you want your students to remember about you and your class?

written by Ashli Black (@mythagon)

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